Immigration, both locally and internationally
We emphasize that the amendment of the Immigration Act and new Immigration Regulations are in place since 26th May 2014 and also advise that same has got various intricate / complex requirements that made the process in some cases time consuming / tedious.

As such, we provide you herewith with the basic changes and of which the most important issues are, for now, noted beneath. The site will be updated from time-to-time as new information filters through. More clarity may be sought within the specific section and if no answer is found, please confirm with us on;

- Limited changes in conditions, from a visitor’s visa, are allowed within the country;
- All NEW / FIRST applications MUST be done from outside of South Africa;
- Any change allowed in the country MUST be done 60 days prior to a permit expiry;
- ALL documentation MUST be translated into English and NOTARISED by the issuing country;
- Police Clearances, especially South African, must accompany ALL applications, so apply early. SAPS takes a minimum
   of 6 weeks tp process an appliocation;
- Children MUST have their own passports and travel with Birth Certificates and parents authorisation when with one.
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